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Okay so I’m new to this blogging thing. You guys want to see photos but I don’t know if I can make a photo album or if I just have to add pictures into my blogs themselves. Dogs aren’t known for being totally computer literate, you know ;). So…. since I don’t know how to do anything other than add pics to blogs, here are some of my favorites.


Dash and Tucker take a bath

Harley, Tucker, and Dash
Harley, Tucker, and Dash

dash point state park 132edit

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15 Comments so far

  1.   Opie on January 1st, 2010          

    What a good looking kid you are Dash. I see you like to swim…so do I! Opie

  2.   Dash on January 1st, 2010          

    Thanks, Opie! This is Dash’s mom, here. I’m not sure if Dash likes to swim or not because I’ve never given him the chance. I’m afraid that since he’s missing a front leg he won’t be able to stay afloat. He does like to splash in the water, though. Do tripawds really swim okay? I would love to let him try but I’m just such a worried mother… I’ve thought about buying him a life vest but I’m unsure about that, too. Any advice?


  3.   admin on January 1st, 2010          

    Yes, Tripawds can swim! Just check out the Ruff Wear dog life jackets if you have any concerns.

  4.   Dash on January 1st, 2010          

    Thanks! That was really helpful, and the float coat video was great. I will definitely give Dash a shot at swimming next spring.


  5.   Cherry on January 1st, 2010          

    Dad said that he made a “slideshow” of selected photos, set it to some Simon and Garfunkle music, made a Windows Media File, uploaded the file to my ISP site, then linked it to a forum topic. Hey, if he can do it in his present state of mind, it cannot be to complicated.

  6.   jack crowder on January 1st, 2010          

    What a great looking family!
    My dad/chaufeur bought me a float coat but we haven’t used it yet, let me know how you like it!

    Shelby, the P.P.

  7.   jakesmom on January 1st, 2010          

    Hey Dash… I love the pictures of you and your buddies… Your pawrents can get detailed instructions on how to post Flash slideshows and stuff from Jerry’s mom and dad…

    Looking forward to seeing more picts of you and the gang real soon!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

  8.   cairasue on January 1st, 2010          

    Caira Sue swims!!! She can go VERY short distances without her life jacket-but goes off course. She’s a front leg amp as well. She does really well with the jacket on.
    Your pix are beautiful. Love the first one and the one with the cat…everyone lined up on the bed! Cute!

  9.   ldillon81 on January 2nd, 2010          

    love LOVE the pics!!! I adore the first one, but there’s just something about the second…It’s like I can read their thoughts!!! Jack won’t swim, but since we moved out to WA 3 months ago, hes started tiptoeing into the lake, and even went up to his elbows a couple times. I don’t think he’ll be needing a float coat anytime soon 😛 Hope he gets to try swimming soon!

    <3 Laura and Jackers

  10.   Tazzie on January 2nd, 2010          

    Tazzie swam with or without the life jacket (well, until he ran off a beach with a deep dropoff that shattered his confidence, unrelated to tripawdness).

    But, he did tend to start to turn upside down without the life jacket (especially if carrying a heavy object like a log). So I consider the life jacket a necessity. That way, he could focus on going forwards, not staying right side up.

    Beautiful pictures of a beautiful dog (and cat) family!

  11.   maggie on January 2nd, 2010          

    Hey Dash! You are one beautiful dog! Saw your post on the amputees list is how I found ya’ 🙂
    My Maggie doesn’t swim much..only if I throw a stick in and she doesn’t want her little sister to get it…so doubting we’ll have any advice on a life jacket.. But sounds like a necessity for a tripawd!

    Tracy, Maggie’s Mom

  12.   krun15 on January 2nd, 2010          

    Great pictures! I like the one in the tub- my girls give me the same look-
    My girls are pugs and so always needed some sort of help to swim-usually they would just wade- but for the pug girls that is like six inches of water.
    Maggie the tri-pug still gets in the water when the opportunity presents itself.

    Karen and the pug girls

  13.   ldillon81 on January 2nd, 2010          

    Ooooo! We should plan a play date! I’m so glad there’s another member from our neck of the woods on here 🙂 We live right in downtown Kirkland, so Marymoor is not far at all. How exciting!

  14.   Opie on January 3rd, 2010          

    Hi Dash!

    I swam when I was a quadpawd, but the water is stiff this time of year up here, so I will only know how I will swim as a tripawd when spring comes back. I do have a life vest that my pawrents made me wear when we went out on the ocean, so they will probably make me wear that at first…my mom thinks I will swim in circles….sheesh–Opie

  15.   Peyton's Path on January 9th, 2010          

    Sounds like you have a wonderful forever home! Can’t believe your brother peed on you! That is kind of rude! You will get better at the whole blog thing! Just keep practicing because we love to hear about adventures and see pictures!!!

    (Peyton’s brother)

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