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Dog Park!

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So today mom and dad took us to the dog park to play. It was a beautiful, relatively warm Washington day and the park was soooo crowded! I made a few new friends, mostly little dogs since the bigger dogs intimidate me a bit. Tucker even made some friends, which is unusual for him since he normally just focuses on the ball or frisbee whenver we go out to play. Mom said that he would just have to play with the other kids for once and didn’t bring anything for him to fetch. We went to another dog park in our area a couple weeks ago and he chased the ball so much that he got raw spots on his paw pads. I think they’re still healing which is why he wasn’t allowed to fetch anything today. I laugh at him now because he gets this yucky stuff sprayed on his feet so that he will stop licking his wounds.

I thought about going into the water today, but I didn’t. Tucker went in a little bit and he said it was cold. Mom says that when the weather turns warmer in a few months she will buy me a life jacket so I can try swimming. Thanks for talking her into it, guys!

On another note, I think we will get to start going to work next week. Mom got a new job at a vet clinic that we can go to with her. The last time we got to do that was a couple years ago when she worked at a daycare for other dogs. That was fun, so hopefully I’ll like going to this new place, too. All I know is that she has tons of interesting smells on her clothes when she gets home every night. She says there’s lots of other employee dogs that go to work with their pawrents. Maybe I’ll make some new friends! I’ll make sure to post something next week to let you all know how it’s going there.

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4 Comments so far

  1.   ldillon81 on January 9th, 2010          

    ooo! we were there on Thursday! depending on the weather, we’ll probably be there on Tuesday as well. one of these days we’ll see eachother, I’m sure of it! And yes, I’ll be going to Pima 🙂

  2.   cairasue on January 9th, 2010          

    ooooooo! So jealous of you getting a job where you can bring your dog. That’s like my ultimate dream! How awesome! Glad you got to go to the dogpark today!

  3.   Emilysmom on January 10th, 2010          

    Caira Sue isn’t the only jealous one! Maybe I should try to get a job at a doggie day care instead of a child one!
    Debra & Angel Emily

  4.   Peyton's Path on January 16th, 2010          

    Fun day at the dog park! I feel sad for Tucker not getting to play ball. I would go crazy if my pawrents wouldn’t let me play ball!

    Have fun going to work with your mom! It is always fun spending lots of time with our humans (I think they like it too)!


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