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A post from Dash’s mom

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Hi all. Melinda here, Dash’s mom. I have a question for you all. How many of you guys have experienced phantom limb issues? I’ve read several different opinions and theories, including the one that is listed in the Tripawds resource section. For as long as he’s been with me (which has basically been since the time of the amputation 4 years ago) he has had this habit of licking in the area where the amputated leg would be. He does it when he’s laying down and relaxing, slowly and repetitively. So repetitively, in fact, that he often leaves really wet spots where he does it.  It never seems to be an “anxious” licking or anything to make me think he’s having phantom pain, per se.     

This isn’t causing any problems, I’m just curious if anybody else experiences the same thing.

Oh, and on another note, I’ve decided not to take the boys to work with me. As much as I would enjoy having them there, I don’t think they would have much fun.  The run that they would be staying in when I am not with them is built at an angle so they can be hosed down easily and the flooring would be slick for Dash. I think they’ll be happier at home.

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  1.   ThreeLeggedMax on January 17th, 2010          

    Not sure about dogs, but I work with amputee people and several of them have said they find relief from their phantom pain or itching by rubbing or scratching either the area in space where the limb should be or by doing it to the opposite limb.

  2.   Peyton's Path on January 17th, 2010          

    We aren’t sure if it was phantom limb, but Peyton use to sit in front of Dad and you could see his stump lifting. Peyton loved giving Dad his right leg and when it was missing he continued to do that. It was pretty cool (I don’t really think it was phantom limb). If Dash is experiencing phantom limb at least he doesn’t appear to be in pain or think he is in pain.

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