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Me with 4 legs

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Hey guys, guess what I just found? A photo of me back when I had 4 legs! It’s the only one that I know of in existence. Mom took this picture with her cell phone on the day that I was surrendered to her shelter. I think I was about 8 months old, and my left front leg was paralyzed at the time this photo was taken. I was just excited that I found it, so I had to share!

Wow, now that's a leg that I haven't seen in a long time!

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5 Comments so far

  1.   anyemery on April 11th, 2010          

    You look dashing, Dash! With three or four legs!
    Holly Jolly

  2.   Kami (Mackenzie's Mom) on April 11th, 2010          

    What a handsome boy you are Dash! Your mom must be so happy that she found this picture of you. Bet you don’t even remember that you once had 4 legs 🙂 Pawesome that you’re doing so well!
    Kami (Mackenzie’s Mom)

  3.   jack crowder on April 11th, 2010          

    Very handsome feller!

    What are you doing with that extra leg?

  4.   Carmen (Catie's Mom) on April 11th, 2010          

    Great picture of you, Dash. Thank you for sharing!

  5.   cometdog on April 15th, 2010          

    Hey Dash,
    I got a funky front left leg, too! I wonder if we are related?
    My pawrents were too cheap to get mine removed! They thought is was cosmetic surgery and put the kabosh on it! I also got some extra toes, too! But I think those give me character!

    Your long lost cousin,

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