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First camping trip of the season!

So we finally got to take our first camping trip of 2010. We went to a place called Lake Sylvia State Park, somewhere in southern Washington. It was great! Tucker and I had tons of fun. It was only a weekend trip because mom and dad both had to be back to work first thing Monday morning. But even though we weren’t gone very long, we still got to do lots of fun stuff. After we got there Saturday morning, we pitched the tent (I even got to help!) then went for a long hike around the lake. Mom and dad FINALLY figured out that if they let me lead on a trail, I get more excited and can go for much longer before tiring out. This time I made it 2 and a half miles and only stopped for a few seconds here and there and there to lay down. We made a campfire when we got back late that afternoon and for dinner mom and dad had hot dogs. They let me and Tucker split one and they were soooo good! I’m not sure how I feel about eating something called a hot dog, but mom promised me that they aren’t  really made out of dogs.

On Sunday we went exploring in the jeep. We went for a really long drive somewhere in the middle of the woods. Mom said she wanted to make it to the ocean, but I guess we got sidetracked because we never got there. Instead we drove around for what seemed like hours on dirt roads in the middle of nowhere, but it was fun! The roads were really bumpy and I had a great time riding around in the back seat. At one point we found this random dam and we got out and explored. It was really weird.  I found some big pile of stinky stuff and rolled around in it and grossed mom out. She called it “bear scat,” or something. (Because of that, Tucker and I had to get a bath when we got home and I hated every minute of it.)

All in all, it was a great weekend. I really want to do it again soon, and mom says not to worry because there will be many more trips like it in the near future. Woohoo!

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  1.   admin on May 27th, 2010          

    Awesome. Sounds like great fun! We loved camping with Jerry for years. His last hike was about 12 miles along the PCT. When we got back he started limping … we thought he had overdone it, but it turned out to be the cancer tumor. Amazing how he did that hike with the pain he was hiding!

  2.   etgayle on May 27th, 2010          

    how exciting for you (except for the bath part), sounds like you had a great weekend. glad you only found the scat and not the bear!!


  3.   jakesmom on May 29th, 2010          

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time… Bear poop and all!!!

    Loved the pictures… You are one handsome dude… and so is your brother!!

    Angel Jake’s Mom

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